Cigar Store Owners

Cigar Store owners rely on their customers making a stop at their store to Purchase a Premium Cigar. That only gives you one point of sale. Why not expand your point of sale to many locations. It is a very simple process that we can manage for you.

Sell more cigars at other locations.


  • We will send your Customer inexpensive humidity pads monthly that can provide a fresh source of humidity to keep the Cigars Fresh.
  • We can provide the Packaging Materials or you can purchase your own.
  • We will supply a specially made Acrylic Humidor to our specifications to keep Cigars Fresh at the Point of Sale.

Selling Cigars

  • You identify the Customer that wants to sell Premium Cigars.
  • We will create invoices to your customer based on their sales and send them to you. We will purchase cigars from you and we will do all the billing to the customer.
  • All you have to do is send the invoiced amount of Cigars to your customer from your own stock.

Think about it

Increase your tobacco sales today!

Choice cigars can help any Grocery Store, Convenience Store, Liquor Store, or Fuel Center increase their tobacco sales. So if you want to start making more money contact us today!

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