Our Process

We have been in business since 2002 and are ready to develop a Premium Cigar Program especially for your store. We have resolved all the issues with a premium cigar program at the retail level including maintenance of proper humidity levels. Our goal is to bring the most popular cigars to the customer who only buys 1 or 2 cigars at a time…or maybe 5 at a time. Over many years, we have developed the formula for keeping cigars humidified and we are very knowledgeable of quality process management to assure supply to the customer. We have successfully placed 450 locations in the surrounding areas of Pittsburgh, Toledo, Cincinnati Cleveland and Columbus

Grocery Store Process

Major Grocery Stores have receiving processes that must be maintained. We currently work with EDI Suppliers to provide our Customers with advance notification of a shipment which tells them what has shipped. We UPC all cigars, even those that do not come with a manufacturers UPC. We apply PLU codes for Retail Customers that require them.

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Convenience Store Process

Cigars are delivered directly to the Store Location, DSD. Stores can order on our on-line system or Fax their inventory and we will auto-replenish to stocking levels. We will develop the Acrylic Case that will meet your requirements of width and height. Most of our Cases are rear opening to make it easy to display the Cigars on the Counter. We have front opening options also.

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Liquor Store Process

Liquor Stores are excellent locations for Cigars and our very small size humidor will put the Cigars right in front of the Customer for that final impulse sale. We have floor standing Humidors that come with an electrically powered humidifier and we can have the Humidor custom made for your exact location.

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Fuel Center Process

We have developed a display case that is applied to the front window of the Kioske displaying the available cigars for sale. Cigars are then kept in a humidified case under the counter. We will ship direct to the Fuel Center and accommodate any labeling required.

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Choice cigars can help any Grocery Store, Convenience Store, Liquor Store, or Fuel Center increase their tobacco sales. So if you want to start making more money contact us today!

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