Grocery Store Process

Your customers are busy! Let them buy a Premium Cigar while they shop for Groceries. We can send you a humidor with a Humidity Pad and you can get started selling cigars and making money!

We make it easy for you

Restocking System

You determine the Stocking Level and periodically send us your inventory and we send shipments to replenish only what is sold by sending the cigars through UPS.  Then you just place the new stock neatly in the Humidor that we supply. We send you a Humidity Pad once per month through USPS. Just throw out the old one and put in the new one.

Receiving Processes

We currently work with an EDI Supplier and electronically send Advance Delivery Notices. All your receiving has to do is inspect the Cigars and enter the Transaction.

UPC/PLU Inspection

We provide a product that can easily be Scanned (UPC) or Entered (PLU) at the point of sale. You never have to disappoint the customer for lack of Point of Purchase Data.

Increase your tobacco sales today!

Choice cigars can help any Grocery Store, Convenience Store, Liquor Store, or Fuel Center increase their tobacco sales. So if you want to start making more money contact us today!

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