Increase your Tobacco Sales dramatically.

A Convenience Store recently stated that 3 of our Premium Cigars were in the top 20 selling Tobacco Items. Their Retail Sales of Tobacco increased by $645,000 through the addition of Premium Cigars. We have found that people who buy Wine and Beer Smoke Cigars because Wine and Beer naturally go with smoking a Premium Cigar. Typically the purchase of a Premium Cigar is an impulse purchase of $5 – 10. Comment from a Convenience Store Customer, “ I buy my cigars from this Convenience Store because they are open all the time and the cigars are fresh. I don’t have to go to a Cigar Store”

We make it easy for you

Humidity Pad

We send you a Humidity Pad once per month to ensure your cigars stay looking and tasting fresh. When your new Humidity Pad arrived just Throw out the old one and put in the new one.

Humidor Display

We supply the Humidor Display at no charge to your size requirements. Just place the new stock neatly in the Humidor and start increasing your tobacco sales.

Restocking System

You periodically send us your inventory and we send shipments to replenish only what is sold and you determine the Stocking Level, then Your inventory is sent by UPS directly to your store.

We send shipments to replenish only what was sold Direct to Store, DSD. We will manage your inventory to agreed stocking levels.

Increase your tobacco sales today!

Choice cigars can help any Grocery Store, Convenience Store, Liquor Store, or Fuel Center increase their tobacco sales. So if you want to start making more money contact us today!

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